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Low Speed Assist, Reverse, No left foot control

Harley Road King with LegUp LandinGear, Pingel Electric Shifter, and Baker F6R set up for use without left foot mobility. 

First ride of adapted bike

 JJ's first test ride.  First time back on bike.  Bike adapted for use with no left foot mobility.

About Us

Our Mission

  We are a team of Engineers, Machinists, and Mechanics who ride.  We are dedicated to helping people with physical challenges enjoy motorcycling.  

We offer individually designed

 modifications to existing motorcycles that are tailored to each clients specific needs.  

These custom bikes aren't just about style. We enable Wounded Warriors, Accident Victims, and people suffering from Medical Ailments to feel the uplifting joy of motorcycling. 



Do you want to ride?



Has an injury or illness taken you out of the wind?


Would you like help overcoming a physical challenge, so that you can enjoy the freedom of motorcycling?  

If so, you are in the right place.

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Other Projects

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Currently, we are setting up meetings by appointment.  Feel free to call or email us to schedule a time to get together and discuss your wants and needs.

No Limit Cycles

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